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I knew Panasonic Lumix & I were in a different level of relationship, when on Valentine’s day this year I was handed the much-awaited GH5 & asked to take it on a spin around the world. In 30 days I took the camera from the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains of Rwanda & filmed everything I possibly could in between. It’s such a joy to have a camera as small and compact as the GH5, but that does everything and more that a photographer or a filmmaker needs. With its 20.3 MP sensor, capable of capturing RAW stills & 4K @ 25fps capturing 422 10-bit, 180 FPS in full high-definition & 5-axis sensor stabilization, combined with the IS on the 12-60mm lens - there’s little more I needed for the whole trip! Here is a quick compilation from around the world of all the different shots that the camera is capable of - edited by Robin Darius Conz. ALL the audio (except maybe the wind noise) was captured in-camera without an external mic

National Geographic Explorer / BBC Planet Earth 2 – Director of Photography

From behind his camera, Sandesh Kadur sees the world from a very different angle. Through the use of images both still and video, Sandesh exposes the need for conservation and encourages protection of the world’s biodiversity.

His photographs have been published widely in books and magazines while his documentaries with subjects ranging from king cobras to clouded leopards have been aired worldwide on the BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic networks. Over the years, Sandesh’s work has garnered many top awards including the, Nature’s Best Award, International Conservation Photographer Award, as well as twice being nominated for a Green Oscar at Wildscreen.

Most recently Sandesh’s camera-work has been featured in the latest BBC documentary series – Planet Earth 2.

If you would like to learn more about Sandesh Kadur or see some of his more recent work, please visit:http://www.felis.in or www.sandeshkadur.com

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