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Takehito Miyatake


The Land of South Kyushu - Where Fire and Water Gush Out

I've been enchanted by one of the active volcanos in Japan Sakurajima that shows us the sign of life of our mother planet through its dynamic eruptions. I captured the eruptive activities together with the special kind of sceneries formed with magma and a gush of water.

The Panasonic LUMIX GH4 realizes comfortable operation - such as Touch AF that can set focus point immediately or AF area magnification for finer adjustment. The splash/dust-proof body withstand shooting even in volcanic ash, vapor of volcanic gas or splash from a waterfall, allowing me to concentrate on photography

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1966, Takehito Miyakae grew up in Tokushima.

He had been photographing water - the essence of life for his main subject. In 2009, he was fascinated by the red fire of the erupting volcano Sakurajima and released a collection book Sakurajima - The Living Earth. Since then, he has been photographing the mystic landscapes with and water created by magma from active volcanos, not only Sakurajima but also other volcanically-active mountains throughout Japan.

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