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Photography Tricks to follow In 2020 with Lumix


New Year calls for a new beginning, and what’s better than to start with something new and fresh. Some may prefer to change their hobbies; some may change their career and some may like to add a new challenge.

In every field, competition never ceases to challenge your potential and the best to overcome such challenges is to fight it by exploring and going beyond limits.

Just like in the photography profession, photography is one of the most difficult platforms for aspiring photographers. This field is all dependent on the gear and the skill sets of a photographer which needs to be upgraded from time to time to be at a pace with the competition.

If you are planning to start something new in photography, then here are some of the important things you can consider this new year:

1) Get more adaptable with latest technologies

Drones are in and it can be a perfect companion that gives you a different angle, a different perspective to see, capture and share it with the world. This technology is not confined only for one particular genre but for weddings, landscapes, travel etc. Many photographers are using this gear to explore and see the world better.

2) Capturing Stills from Videos

Around 90% of photographers prefer to capture stills than shooting a video as many a times they don’t have the right gear to shoot quality content in every condition. What’s best is to have a camera that lets you shoot and capture the best still shots from the video. If you are thinking for a camera then choose Lumix G Series with features like 4K photo mode, burst mode, post focus, slow motion, sequence composition, and unlimited recording capabilities.

3) Highlight your composition

A subject is the key factor that signifies why your composition is different from others. But do you think you are creating significance in your photography? Colour contrast and sharpness of a picture gives your composition some exclusivity to highlight itself. With Lumix cameras your pictures will always show in better colors.

4) Explore every genre

No specific genre is perfect for any photographer. Every genre speaks about new potential, journey to capture and frame it as experiences. Look for new opportunities and explore as many fields as possible you never know what new you might learn.

The world is an oasis of opportunities and adventures. You can learn, explore and experience new things every day and what would the best is to begin this New Year by exploring new things in photography. If you are looking to begin new chapters in photography always opt for Lumix cameras. So why wait? Go ahead, try something new, and create your distinctive identity in this competitive world.

Parachute Picture Shot on Lumix G Series DSLM Picture Shot on Lumix G Series Mirrorless Camera

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