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Panasonic 4K Video Workshop - 8th July - Delhi


Self Introduction Introduction of Panasonic 4K Imaging Pro Centre Facilities available at Panasonic 4k imaging pro centre

Delegate’s introduction

SHARED WORKSHOP AGENDA featured product introduction (FZ1000/FZ2500/GH5)

Basic camera quality Comparison factors

Benefits of recording in 4k

Panasonic lumix gh5 product feature expiation

Moiré/LPF & rolling shutter Speed Quality factor discussion

Future of 4k – 4K hdr / WHY 4:2:2 10 bit recording is important

vLOG recording / how it is a way around for 4k hdr

Sample footage of gh5 features

Practical session for various gh5 features (Bracketing/Continues burst mode/6k burst mode/post focus/time-lapse/4k live crop/dual is/AF point selection/180fps vfr)

Practical video editing session of gh5 footage