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UX 90

Camcorder AG-UX90

The AG-UX90 is the UX standard model designed for high-quality 4K/FHD recording. It is equipped with a newly designed compact lens featuring a wide 24.5mm angle*1 and 15x optical zoom. Its optical image Stabilizer (O.I.S.), intelligent AF function, and manual three rings are ideal for professional camera work.

1.0-Type MOS Sensor | 5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer | Double SD Memory Card Slots

MRP: INR 1,52,000/-

UX 180

Camcorder AG-UX 180ED

The 4K camcorder AG-UX 180ED satisfies the 4K Video production needs. With it you can shoot 4K videos with 5 axis hybrid image stabilizer, for both optical and electronic image stabilization and premium image quality. It also comes with 20x Optical zoom feature, which allows you to capture the minutest of the details, even from a considerable distance.

MRP: INR 2,39,500/-

DVX 200

Camcorder AG-DVX 200

Its 4K recording feature coupled with red and carbon black textured body makes this model a highly impressive one. It comes with high mobility and plane sailing operations, making it in sync with the demand of professionals who require it on a day to day basis.

MRP: INR 3,22,500/-

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