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Roads traveled often, illuminated by perspectives that go beyond frames.


It was a balmy Delhi winter. The sun was shining brightly, but there was a quintessential nip in the air, epitomizing Delhi in December. There was almost a sepia tone to the crowded Hauz Khas village road. Our super-humans, armed with their Lumix cameras and shepherded by their loving teacher, set off on a walk to capture the beautiful locales of the ‘village’ drenched in the majesty of the past and the drama of the present.

As they trudged on, cameras firmly pressed to their eyes, they looked around, looking for that one moment of inspiration. And as they continued to look for this elusive inspiration, they, almost habitually, clicked everything in their sight. This was their domain. They have honed their skills here. They have clicked almost everything that the village had to offer.

They continued into their old haunt, the fort! But today there was something different about their beloved fort. It was just lit up by a strange aura. No one could quite put a finger on it. And then they turned their lenses at each other. There was a weird, uncommon glow emanating from their fellow super-humans. A glow they had seen often, but still amazed them. It is here they found their inspiration, as they have been finding all these years. They found their inspiration in each other. Seeing each other battle through unfavourable perceptions and insurmountable odds they were here, freely expressing themselves.

Their Lumix cameras, responsive as ever, enabled them to put to picture, what they were seeing. It was helping them express this unique perspective. Their unique experiences and the love they feel for each other coupled with the joy that takes over when they set out on their photographic sojourns, helped them paint the roads, often taken, in a kaleidoscopic hue of resilience. It is in between all this that our super heroes celebrated their individuality on the international day of disability on the 3rd of December and continued their mission of changing perceptions and ultimately changing photography.

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