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Streaming LIVE Virtual Sessions Never Felt Easier


During times like these when the world is at home, business sector gets affected adversely. Today, everyone is working from home to compensate for their work-life balance while managing household chores. Going LIVE on the internet has become a very common activity. From online schooling to corporate meetings, everyone is resorting to video conferencing. While social media is also a medium to go live on events and concerts.

Best Camcorder for Live Online streaming in India

Many brands have good quality cameras or camcorders but the most productive and user-oriented product that every expert recommends is by Lumix. The most interesting aspect of this brand is that it has a whole wide range of DSLM cameras which are lightweight and its camcorder is also made from the same design material that fits perfectly into your needs for virtual sessions.

Here are some of the important highlights of Lumix cameras and camcorders which prove why it is perfect for your virtual live sessions:

  1. Unlimited Recording

    There is no time to waste when professional work comes to play. Cameras like Lumix G95, GH5, S1H and camcorder Cx7/8 are made of a material that makes it heat resistant and helps you to amp up your virtual sessions to the next level. Record content endlessly with excellent output without any flaw.

  2. Easy Connectivity

    The concept of using wires is long gone, now it is the time to have wireless connectivity. With the support of the inbuilt feature like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connect these specialized Lumix gears with your laptop, mobile and go LIVE with ease.

  3. 4K Video and FHD live streaming

    No user would like to watch live sessions that has a poor resolution. With the help of DFD technology and intelligent Autofocus inbuilt feature in these gears, record or stream seamless and crystal clear 4K videos while creating content online or offline.

  4. Durable and Compact Design

    Lumix has a wide range of digital single mirrorless cameras that help you record session on a VLog mode. These gears are rugged, compact, and lightweight that makes it the perfect companion to shoot endlessly without any problem.

Mirrorless camera with Wifi for Online streaming

For Lumix cameras you have to connect an external USB-HDMI device with your camera on one side and laptop on another. This allows you to use your camera as a webcam. For Panasonic camcorder you can directly stream using inbuilt Wi-Fi feature and monitor your content via mobile phone or tab with excellence. Panasonic Lumix is by far the best option for all your virtual sessions so go ahead and learn, explore, connect and share your content with the world at the comfort of your home.

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