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Vacations are always a heart-warming treat, be it a solo trip, with friends or family, vacations are meant to be memorable and most of the time it is the motivation behind working day and night. Since childhood, a person especially has fond memories of summer vacation, carrying the same warmth this time I headed to the country’s capital Delhi with my new favorite camera Lumix G85

Before I started the journey I read up about the camera and took recommendations from some experts in the industry, I knew this was the camera for an ever traveling soul like me. The moment I laid my hands on this camera I knew I had to set out on yet another summer vacation but this time to capture the goodness that comes with Lumix G85.

Getting to details of the camera, it is perfect for outdoor shooting. It comes with the Dual Image Stabilizer that helped me take crisper, clearer images in difficult and fast-moving environments, while the compact, weather-sealed body and kit lens improved flexibility. And that is not even the best part, this camera integrates 5-Axis Dual I.S.2 (Image Stabilizer)*, combining 5-axis body and 2-axis lens stabilization for more effective handshake correction and compensation for shots up to 5 f-stops**. The 5-axis stabilization works in both wide and telephoto photography and motion picture recording, including 4K Video. With 4k photo edit, you can also capture a perfect moment by selecting frames from a 4k video sequence and save them as high- res images. And then I thought this is a prayer answered for all fellow photographers all over the world

I don’t know about others but Lumix G85 is now my soul camera and with its rugged feature, dust/splash-proof feature, flexibility and stability has given me more travel goals and now I cannot wait for winter vacation which includes trekking and jeep safari.

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