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Beginners photography course is a very crucial part in the path of becoming a professional photographer. They say “A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step” and it well applies here too in photography. In order to be sure that you are starting right, there are a lot of pointers to keep in mind. If you are a beginner yourself or know someone who is about to take a beginners photography course, there must be a lot of confusion. There are terms that you need to get accustomed to, a process of shooting, there must be nervousness about certain aspects of the course. Well, if that is the case your prayers have been answered as this read will take you through some factors you should consider before you start the photography course.

One of the best part about the current times is that most of the photography classes for beginners are also accessible online and that is the best news so far which is both convenient and time saving. However, the questions, doubts and confusion still remains. Worry not, we’ve got your back. Read on and take notes:

• Know your genre Before anything makes sure you recognise which genre your interest lies in. Landscape photography, portrait, wedding, wildlife etc. this should come naturally to you. There may be instances where you have interest in multiple photography style and this is ok, because photography classes for beginners do have various classes for different genres. And you can make the best out of the options available. If you are someone who would like to experiment with different genres you, keep your options open but that may lead to further confusion.

• Follow top photographers If you have always loved photography since childhood you must already be following famous photographers from reputed brands of institutions, this is a good habit to inculcate which can help you in the long run. Especially before starting your photography class because you will be accustomed to some shooting styles be it still or video. Be it night photography tips or challenging low light photography tips these professional photographers will always have something to teach you, through a picture, a video they shot or through a webinar, this is one of the best way to introduce yourself to photography. Once you start following someone, do not end at that, keep on following that professional as you will need endless inspiration from them. You can research their beginnings, their struggle and their life lessons and learn how to overcome obstacles. So now next time you want to learn night photography tips or Film making tips you know who is the best and who to look up for.

• Research on best brands and institutions
No step should be taken before reviewing an institution of the brand you are joining. You will find reviews both positive and negative online as feedbacks. You can even reach out to past students if they are open for it. If you already have a peer group who have the same interest as you then you can have a word to mouth advice and feedback on different institutions or brands that you are going to apply for. If you have a mentor within your circle itself nothing is better than that. Talking of mentors if you have researched on your favourite photographers you can trace their institutions and see if that is of help to you too.

• Know your camera:
There is no way you attend a photography class without a camera. But that is not it, your relationship with your camera begins the moment you purchased it. Brands like Panasonic Lumix share details about the camera on their YouTube channels, you can catch hold of these videos in order to understand your camera better, especially if it is by Lumix. Lumix also has a community you can join, they keep on organising webinars every week covering different topics. Once you join the community, not only do you get to be the first to know about the newest camera but also get to talk to the Lumix Luminaries often.

Once you start your beginners journey, you will learn a lot along the way. With the above pointers you will be ready to head on to becoming a professional by choosing the right beginners photography class for yourself.

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