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The Lumix S series, a game changer in the world of imaging


Photokina 2018 in Amsterdam was an epoch-making event in the history of imaging. With grand announcements the norms, it really was a treat for everyone, ranging from the photography enthusiast to the technology connoisseur. As is true with all things good, there is always a key highlight, a major story, a clutter breaking revelation. At the 2018 edition of Photokina, the trailblazer was undoubtedly Lumix cameras by Panasonic. Lumix made 2 two important announcements – their association with the Sigma and Leica for the development of the L-mount and the associated range of lenses and the announcement of the first full frame range of cameras, the Lumix S-series.

While both announcements are equally grand, we will be focusing only on the announcement of the S-Series. Lumix’s announcement of the Lumix S1 and Lumix S1R has set aflutter the imaginations of the tech geeks and photography professionals alike. Boasting of the first 60p 4K recording on a full-frame camera, the S-series is purely targeted at the high-end, informed user. Whilst Panasonic has played this close to its chest, revealing very little, here is what we know:

It is aimed at the premium user. Set to be released at a premium price point, it is not exactly what you would call a hobbyist’s choice. Expectations are that it is to be priced at a cost higher than that of the Lumix GH5.

This is Lumix’s stake at the still photography genre. Having conquered the world of videos, the S-series is Lumix’s venture into pure still photography.

It will be compatible with the L-mount announced in association with Leica and Sigma. This also means that we can look forward to exciting lens options with the S-series.

As mentioned before, Panasonic is letting out very little information on the S-series, but from what we have heard, it is going to transform the way mirrorless technology and full-frame cameras come together.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the S-series.

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