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While many communities have shifted to the digital medium during the pandemic, online photography groups have always been on a rise. An online photography community creates a digital space for all passionate photographers to share their work and explore others’ work too. These are in the form of websites, chat groups and even Facebook communities where photographers get to showcase their clicks and build more connections. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field, you can explore and learn a lot by joining an online photography community. Some of these groups are also based on specific genres of photography like wildlife, travel, product, portraits and many more. So, if you sign up to be a part of an online wildlife photography community, you will get to know about amazing outdoor locations to shoot at, suggestions for best cameras to click with and some useful wildlife photography tips too! Many such communities even organize photo walks and training sessions that involve learning from other members and at times, from professionals as well.

Talking more about wildlife photography, the first and the most important thing you get to learn through online communities is some great tips! In photography, hacks and tips to click better pictures cannot be attained only through bookish knowledge. Either you learn them from your own experiences in your journey or you learn it from other photographers’ journey. In an online wildlife photography community, you will share and learn both, respectively. One of the most essential tips for wildlife photography is the lighting because of the outdoor locations. The lighting needs to be not too harsh or not too soft to click that perfect picture. However, sunlight is not in our control. Hence, it is always recommended to click pictures during the golden hour to get clear and stunning results. Another useful tip is to always click with a wide angled lens. This helps you capture the surroundings around the animals and adds more story to your picture.

Another thing to keep in mind while clicking pictures of animals is that you should click from the eye-level. This view is absolutely perfect for you to click from and for the viewers to relive the exact moment that you have captured. As the species of the wildlife are mostly seen moving, you also need to be well aware of the features of your camera. You should know how to click a picture in an instinct, without letting go of that precious capture moment. One of the best wildlife photography tips you’ll get to learn through a community is that you may not always see any animals. In fact, even if you get to see, the lighting may not be good, your angle may not be perfect or you may not just have enough time. That’s why in wildlife photography, you always have to be patient and wait for that perfect moment to click.

The second crucial thing that these communities give insights upon is the types of camera and understanding of the gear. In fact, not just photography communities but many online photography workshops in India also focus on this information. These days, many camera brands are also collaborating with photographers and videographers to hold informative sessions over Instagram live, Microsoft teams and even Zoom calls. In fact, Lumix as a brand hosts such events/workshop with their Lumix Luminaries on different topics around cameras where they not just tell you the features but also help you choose the perfect fit for your photography journey. For example, they will share information about cameras like Lumix G9 that is great for capturing both stills and videos, and has a weather-sealed body that makes it perfect for wildlife photography too. They even keep you up to date with the recent launches like Lumix S5 and how it enhances your cinematic experience with its advanced features and mirrorless body. If you want to learn directly from wildlife

photographers, attending photography workshops in India or in any part of the world can prove to be beneficial. All you need is internet for the online workshop and passion for photography!

So, make the best out of working from home, join a photography community, attend workshops, learn some tips and tricks and turn your passion into your profession.

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