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Tips to Improve Your Nature Photography Skills


Mother earth is full of beautiful surprises, be it flora or fauna, both encompass the beauty of their own that always gives a new perspective to every photographer to capture its vibrant characteristics in frames with a new meaning. The plants, trees, forest, animals, waterfall, mountains, and no matter what. Every element of our nature shouts for itself to be captured in frames but to make this happen you need to look at a broader perspective. To start this you either browse online for nature photography tips on various platforms that take up a lot of time to validate the credibility of such tips and sometimes you get swayed away by the technical terminologies and tricks suggested that might confuse you.

Nature photography is divided into two sections, the first is landscape photography and the other is wildlife photography .These two elements complete our nature and give you the angle to experience different shades of mother earth.

To capture beautiful nature photography images, you don’t need to have a complex route of learning high techniques. You just need to make sure that your basics are clear which is sufficient to improve your nature photography skills.

To help you upscale your game in photography, here are some important nature photography tips you should follow:

1) Choose your gear wisely

We tend to forget that every genre has its specialty that requires special gear to capture its best moments. For example, for shooting landscapes use a wide-angle lens, to capture nature and wildlife from close up use a macro or telephoto lens. The best Lumix gear to go ahead with is Lumix G9, G95, S5, S1R cameras. Being mirrorless, Lumix cameras make your photography journey more seamless and comfortable because of their lightweight body and rugged design to face any adverse weather conditions. Cameras like G9 are perfect for wildlife while Lumix S1R has a high-resolution mode that lets you capture better details of nature with 187MP.

2) Separate your subject from the background

To showcase better details to your compositions, always try to separate the subject from the background. For this, use a wide aperture lens f/2.0 or F/4 as it yields a softer, blurry & defocused background.

3) Use natural filter

Nature is itself a filter of its own which changes its colors throughout the day. What you need to do is take the advantage of different intervals of the days and click the landscape in its true colors.

4) Learn about the subject and its ecosystem

Can you shoot a perfect picture in one go? Maybe yes or maybe no, but when you learn about your subject properly it becomes easier to predict the situation and take advantage to capture the perfect shot. For example, try capturing birds in their natural habitat but do learn about their daily routine so that you don’t miss out on the important moments.

5) Every angle has its perspective

There is no perfect angle to shoot beautiful nature photographs because every angle is perfect in its way. Experts suggest that 1 self-learned technique is much effective than learning 100 new techniques because you discovered it and made it visually possible in a picture.

Nature is full of unlimited opportunities to explore, capture and unearth its hidden gems in frames. You may learn as many nature photography tips but never forget these important tips. If you would love to explore more tips follow our social media channel on Instagram @lumixindia and check out some amazing nature photography related UGCs that might give you some ideas to try for your upcoming nature photography shoots

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