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Top 3 Christmas photoshoot ideas you can try at home


It’s that time of the year again when trees are set in each home and outdoors, fairy lights are up and blinking all around the town and the merry vibes are already in the air! Yes, it’s the Christmas week and everything seems happy and beautifully lit up. Every corner and even the beautifully decorated homes and trees are worth capturing to make the happy memories from this difficult year last forever. After all, when the streets and homes are all lit up, it’s time to bring some merry vibes to our Instagram feeds and portfolios as well by using some Christmas photography ideas.

Before getting into ideas, let’s discuss some photography hacks for the holiday season. If you’re clicking pictures of your tree, then try not to use flash or any other additional lighting. Keep the surrounding light yellow and capture the tree just the way it is. The fairy lights on the tree will add their magic and give you soothing results in the form of aesthetic pictures. If you have your tree set up beside a fireplace, then it would add more warmth to the colours of your picture. If you’re clicking a family portrait, then add elements of Christmas props, like candy canes, Santa hats and even pretty candles to the frame. These little elements will add a jolly vibe to the picture and also make it look different from any other family photo. One of the most important photography tips and tricks is that if you’re clicking pictures outdoors, then try clicking with lower apertures. This will blur the background and keep your subject in the front and in focus. Hence, you will get a beautiful backdrop of trees and blurred lights to add a dreamy and warm effect to the pictures. One last thing, instead of clicking a long shot of the entire tree, you can zoom in and click some of the ornaments to add more dramatic effect and perspective.
Now, let’s discuss some fun and creative Christmas photography ideas for your epic photo shoot.

1. The Work In Progress picture
We all define a picture-perfect moment as the one where the entire family is sitting on the couch, beside the tree and posing happily. However, there are also other moments that are equally priceless. We’re talking about the ‘in action’ moments. You can click candid shots of your family members enjoying the Christmas activities. One of the ideas can be while baking Christmas cookies. You can capture the children of the house making a beautiful mess with the dough, wearing matching aprons and laughing their hearts out. Another idea can be to capture the sight of the family decorating the Christmas tree together. Such pictures bring out the togetherness and the real emotions that the family members share.

2. The casual yet dressed up picture
We all spent most of this year in our pajamas and hence, it would be only creative to add this to your Christmas photoshoot ideas. If you’re clicking a family picture, then you can coordinate pajama sets for all the members and pose beside the tree. To add some more fun you can also make these outfits Christmas themed to make it more fun. If they are synchronised by colour or pattern, then it will look absolutely aesthetic in the frame and add to the entire Christmassy vibe. For such pictures always choose a wide-angled lens to fit all the members and the tree into the frame.

3. The pet stealing the show picture
One of the cutest Christmas photography ideas is to bring your pet into your family photograph. All you need is for them to stay stable and for the photographer to stay patient. So, bring in your dog or your cat into the frame, hug them or let them stay under the tree in the place of presents and click! To add to the cuteness you can also add a bell to your doggo’s leash or make your cat wear a little Santa’s hat too. If the pet keeps moving around, then you can increase the shutter speed of the camera and increase the aperture to not lose focus of the surroundings as well.

So, this Christmas, get together with your family and friends, use some photography tips and tricks and capture all the happy moments that you missed on in this year with a creative twist.

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