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Photography is a very big domain to explore. Every passionate photographer chooses a genre that connects their soul to their profession and on this auspicious Tourism Day we celebrate the spirit of travel photography.

For a travel photographer, the world is a big canvas and a muse. The world offers seamless accessibility to explore and capture its picturesque beauty, identity, people, history and culture. This genre of photography has always been a favourite among photographers all over the world. It’s like a time machine, freezing memories from a journey so that next when you look back you can enjoy these memories in flashbacks.

This World Tourism Day, we help you understand why Panasonic Lumix cameras are the best in class and acts as a perfect companion for your every photography journey. Lumix cameras exclusively specialises in delivering you the best collection of mirrorless cameras which are light weight, durable and have the excellent design model so that you can have stern grip to capture from every angle.

Lumix cameras are divided into two sections: beginner level cameras and professional level cameras. The beginner level cameras are like G85, G7, and G95 and the professional level cameras are like GH5, GH5S and S series. If you are thinking which one is best for your travel journey then you can choose any one. The best features which you can experiment with these masterpieces are like 5axis dual IS 2, 4K Photo, 4K Video, low light composition, slow motion record, high speed auto focus, post focus and now the newly added features like Vlog (in GH5S,G95 and S1 camera). Every feature has its unique speciality which enhances your ability to capture every moment with creativity.

Apart from the above features, the other basic support you would need during your photography journey is - long battery, double memory card slots, unlimited recording and weather proof which is all available in Lumix cameras.

All in all, a Photographer plays an important role in promoting the tourism of a place and with Lumix camera by your side you can capture the unique beauty of different destinations that will inspire people to travel more. So, are you ready to travel the world with Lumix? Get one for yourself and share the world your experience through the eyes of Lumix cameras.

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