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Celebrate the season of rain with endless clicks - are you ready to get creative this monsoon?

This season, let monsoon be your muse as you set to capture one of the most romanticized time of the year. Even the simplest of objects around this time can provide innumerable photographic opportunities on an overcast day. From drizzle to a thunderstorm, with the right theme, skill, and technique, you can make your way to outstanding shots.

On that note, we put together some amazing tips for monsoon photography to explore this domain a notch higher. In lieu of the reflections, you can explore creating interesting and symmetrical compositions by capturing the subject as well as its reflection. Considering the season of monsoon, water droplets on window panes are a great opportunity to be creative & expand your creative limit. It can help you create amazing portraits & abstract images.

Capturing the details in this season is a pro-tip for all users. Water droplet on a flower petal, wet grass, textures, a gleaming pavement, a wet bicycle or even the parapet of a window covered in droplets is worth a click, make sure you don’t miss out on these. You can further use the zoom-in feature to enhance your pictures.

Rain brings out a gamut of emotions. The perfect clicks in this romantic weather change can bring your photographs to life and emotions can add beauty to your picture. The backgrounds you choose while framing your subject play a major role in conveying a certain mood. Find beauty in the simplest of objects and try to capture it and you’ll be rewarded with images that have a strong sense of character, are reflective and poignant.

To add on some drama & charisma to your creations, an interesting light source can be very helpful. This can help clearly capture the movements. Increasing your ISO settings is advisable in case the light is dim. Switch over to the manual mode of your camera and experiment with the wide range of options to create a masterpiece. Lastly, make sure to keep your equipment safe either by waterproofing it or by covering it with plastic or an umbrella.

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