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Want to know wedding photography tips? Start here with the best 5


A wedding is one the most precious moments in the lives of both the groom and the bride, and their families, of course. They all cherish these moments and want it to be captured beautifully so that they can relive them over the years. Thus, wedding photography is one of the most crucial genres of photography.

The whole reason you’re here right now is to get some great wedding photography tips and tricks.

There is a lot that goes into a good wedding shoot. So here we are sharing some wedding photography tips, which can help you capture some mesmerizing moments during the wedding.

  1. Keep a check on your gear

A wedding day is not less than a war zone, and your camera and its accessories are your weapons. So, you need to keep a proper check on them. Having a backup camera, an extra set of batteries, a different lens, and many other pieces of equipment must be checked beforehand. Also, make sure you know all the settings of your camera, understand the modes, settings available on your lens, etc.

DSLRs have been the first choice for many photographers for shooting a wedding but with the advancement in technologies, mirrorless cameras have come a long way. Of late a lot of online photography courses in India are also talking more about DSLM. Brands like Panasonic Lumix have a great range of cameras which can help you capture some of the best wedding photographs. They can provide a great experience for the photographer and give the best of the results.

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  1. Scout the Location

Visiting the location where the wedding shoot is going to happen is a MUST DO before the wedding, this would help you prepare and also would give you some idea about the setting that you could proceed with. This will also help you understand the surroundings; can give you more ideas for the shoot. Scouting locations will also give you answers to the questions like where is the ceremony going to happen? Are there any restrictions to where you can shoot from? From where would the groom and bride enter? etc. These questions are best answered before the wedding so that you are prepared for what’s going to happen.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Adding on to more wedding photography tips, shooting in RAW can be useful particularly during weddings, as RAW gives you more flexibility to manipulate shots after taking them. Weddings can present photographers with tricky lighting that results in the need to manipulate exposure and white balance after the fact, and RAW will help with this considerably.

  1. Perfect Timing

Another addition to our wedding photography tips and tricks that can be very helpful is being present at the right time for the right moment. You must know the event schedule by heart so that you are prepared beforehand. Do your homework and get to know the location, surroundings, etc., so that you are present for the right moment before time. Get the right gear based on the type of shot that the situation requires.

  1. Stay calm and breathe

One of the most important wedding photography tips is to always stay calm and composed. Many of the photographers trying to establish themselves start doing too many things in a misguided attempt. Or they over-analyze their shots or fret over moments missed, effectively dooming themselves. So stay calm and simply do your job.

There are many online photography courses in India where you can enroll yourself to learn about wedding photography and gain knowledge on the same. But the best way to get the tips and tricks for any photography genre is to practice and experiment. If you are a beginner you might as well assist some expert on a wedding project to learn more. Practical experience will always help you explore more ways to express yourself and innovate your photography style.

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