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Watch out for these 6 benefits of following famous photographers in India.


If you are into photography and have always been passionate about it then you must already be following some famous photographers in India, and why not? Because that is how you expose yourself to becoming better in photography by following their steps. One thing for sure is true that if you follow multiple people, it may end up confusing you, however, if your interest lies in more than 1 genre then maybe you can differentiate it by using some technique. There are many advantages both for beginners and experts when you follow famous photographers in India, from latest cameras, industry updates to tips and tricks, they always have all the details. But if you are an independent thinker and a photography an still considering following these photographers here are some pointers you may want to know.

Before we get into the detail, it is important to know that one of the top camera brand Panasonic Lumix also has a dedicated photography community called Panasonic 4k imaging club (find details here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com ). Here, you will find many photography experts who are also called Lumix Luminaires. Top photographers like Karthik Rajagopal, Sandeep Holla, Jassi Oberai, Vijay Armstrong and more are a part of this community, you can find more here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/photography-experts/.

• One of the top benefits of following famous photographers is that you always stay updated on what is going on in the industry. Be it the latest portrait photography tips to the newest camera, you can always stay ahead. Besides their videos on social platform their websites also give out a lot of information. Subjects like photography tips are often updated because these are something that comes naturally to them with years of experience. So, the updates will sometimes be in the form of blogs if not podcasts or videos and meant for different viewers, like it can be “Portrait photography tips for beginners” and other time, it can be for intermediate or experts so that everyone benefits from their experience.

• As a photographer you will face a lot of challenges, it maybe technical or technique wise, but through these famous photographers you can learn how to overcome certain challenges that you are facing. Of course there will be tons of learning, but finding solutions for your shooting problems through others is the best.

• The third benefit is making a bucket list of the best photography spots. Photography gets more adventurous when you get to venture out and check out breath taking views, maybe put in some of the landscape photography tips you have up your sleeves. When you follow the famous photographers, they go to the most

photographable locations, that is where you can pick up your cue for the list of places you should visit. If you are following a particular photographer who is a landscape photography experts, watch out for low light tricks or sunrise/sunset exposure, these landscape photography tips will take you a long way in your career.

• If you are someone whose interest lies in different types of photography you will learn the art of doing good at more than one type of photography. When you follow a particular famous photographer who is good at many genres, you will automatically find your growing interest and making the best out of all your learnings.

• Following these photographers closely can also help you stay informed about webinars and workshops where you can actually interact with them and discuss the different aspects of photography. If you have doubts about your camera or your style of shooting, you can discuss all these and many more during the workshop/webinar/ live sessions.

• Following these personalities on social media adds up to how they capture audience like yourself. Observe and keep on checking that kind of content they are producing that keeps their page alive, since they are already famous the little that they do may also create a big impact but you can also go back and check their timeline and learn how to build your own audience.

There will be many more benefits besides the above but. you will only learn with time. Once you have set your eye on the target and the goals you have to achieve, everything will fall into place with experience, some of which will be yours and some from the famous photographers in India you follow. So go on, dream big and get that camera shutter going.

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