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Watch your creativity in motion with the beast of Cinematography Lumix S1H


The arrival of the ultimate beast Lumix S1H has been one of the greatest news for all film makers in the industry this year. Lumix S1H is a 6K powerhouse and has blown away every competitive brand in the video segment. This new full frame camera delivers cinema-quality video taking your professional journey of film making experience to the skies.

Let’s find out why Lumix S1H is the next level game changer in cinematography:

1. Bigger is better :

This beast will never fail to impress anyone, in spite of being on the heavier end, its size allows the camera body to accommodate the additional cooling system, as well as a much larger illuminated top LCD display. With a big-screen display it allows you to practice and explore more. Along with this, the body design is made for a perfect shoot even in adverse weather conditions.

2. Sensor resolution :

If you are thinking that after the flagship camera Lumix GH series, Panasonic is only delivering 4K resolution then you are wrong. With this beast, you have access to shoot subjects in 24.2 MP with 6K video quality. Along with this, you can shoot 10-bit 4:2:2 4K/C4K footage at up to 60p via HDMI output. The 4:3 anamorphic mode gives your content more depth, focus and sharpness creating a unique composition of a cinematic feel.

3. Vlog :

If you are a video blogger then you will definitely fall in love with this feature. With the inbuilt Vlog L feature, you can record and customize videos with ease without any blur, thanks to the 5 axis dual IS feature with 14+ stops of dynamic range. This gives you an extra edge to be more creative while shooting in extremely adverse conditions without any flaw.

4. Non-Stop recording :

Film making is not a one day job and once the shoot begins you like to finish it with one go without any hassle of overheat. With this amazing masterpiece, you don’t need to worry about anything else as with the inbuilt heat resistant coolant fan record unlimited content without any pause.

5. DFD Technology :

Being an extension of S1, this camera has predefined features like DFD technology and enhanced Autofocus. This means, no matter your subject is, from fast-moving scene to shooting in the low light scenario, you will always get content recorded in pristine quality.

Cinematography is a very interesting platform to explore and with Lumix S1H, your journey gets full frame redefined. This camera is also the first Netflix approved Mirrorless camera. Now you know why, you as a film maker must have you hands on Lumix S1H. There are many reasons why it is called the Beast and it is for you to discover.

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