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Weddings captured right on Lumix cameras


Weddings have always been a cornucopia of emotions. The bride’s entrance, the revelry of the guests, the subtleties of the ceremonies and the din of the procession all make for an interesting occasion for photography. The wedding photographer is ubiquitous in Indian weddings, marshaling guests in to frames and drawing the ire and attention of all.

The FZ2500, is the perfect camera for you if you are a wedding photographer. It is a real powerhouse, with all the features a wedding photographer can look for in a camera. Oh by the way, this praise is not limited to its still photography capabilities. It also makes for an extraordinary video camera.

The FZ2500 comes equipped with the 24-480 mm 2.8 -4.5 optical zoom range so that you can capture the most intimate moments without interfering in them. The great software, the exceptional sensor and the Venus engine means that you have a super capable camera for sharp and detailed captures.

Some of the key features are as follows:

The large 25.44-mm sensor translates to great performance even in low-light conditions. Any wedding photographer worth their salt knows how important it is to be prepared for all kinds of lighting conditions. This also means that at higher ISO levels there is very little noise that you need to compensate for.

The 5-Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization in the FZ2500 means that you compensate for any shake and avoid all the blurs you could get as you capture videos or stills. In a setting like a wedding this is a great little feature to have.

The ultra high speed focusing thanks to the DFD technology means that you can capture photos and videos in ultra high speed in perfect focus. But in case you miss out on focusing correctly, don’t worry. The post focus feature on the FZ2500 means that you can shift your point of focus even after you have taken the shot. Add to this the focus stacking feature, which allows you to capture multiple points of focus at varying depths in the same shot, and you are ensured of encapsulating every moment that requires special focus at the same time.

The large OLED live viewfinder means is also designed in such a manner that you get a real feel of the frame you are capturing without all the electronic ambience to distract you.

Additionally the 4K photo feature, which allows you to extract 4K photos from a video means that you miss out on no moment and simultaneously are equipped with both stills and videos.

The FZ2500 is truly an all rounder when it comes to wedding photography. If you are a professional wedding photographer or videographer, get you hands on this piece of equipment. It truly epitomizes the phrase “all-in-one”.

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