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What are the most important portrait and landscape photography tips? Find out!


Portrait and Landscape photography are two of the most beautiful forms of photography shot passionately by many famous photographers in India. But one thing is for sure that it takes more than just a click or two to perfect the shoot. There are many ways to get an in -depth knowledge about each genre from photography schools or online photography courses but for those who are done with their respective course and are looking to add more to your skills webinars and online workshops led by some famous photographers in India can be a great catch. Brands like Panasonic Lumix organises webinars hosted by Lumix Luminaries you can join their community of photographers and be a part of these webinars, you can check them out here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/photography-workshop/ online workshops are held under different topics including portrait and landscape photography.

We have however compiled some important portrait and landscape photography tips for you that can come in handy. Let us start with landscape photography tips.

1. Where and when It is important to decide where and when to go given the weather condition and the safety of the location. Note the sunrise and sunset time of that location. Do your research properly and plan accordingly.

2. Camera Lumix S1R is one of the top camera choices for landscape photography, click here to know more about the camera https://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/cameras-camcorders/camera/s/dc-s1r.html . With the right camera, you can follow most of the landscape photography tips properly.

3. Wide-angle lens This lens is your best friend, you can place a subject in the frame but the beauty of that location will be the focus here with this lens.

4. Shutter speed Knowing when you need a fast or slow shutter speed depending on the aperture and the lighting is important

5. Patience Get ready to wait for the right time of the day, movement of the sky or waterbody, adjusted rule of thirds, and the right filter.

Moving on to portrait photography tips

1. Camera and Lens When it comes to portrait photography Lumix G100 is one of the top choices, click to know more about the camera https://shop.panasonic.com/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/lumix-interchangeable-lens-ilc-cameras/DC-G100KK.html. Opt for lens ranging from 85 mm to 200 mm to bring the background closer and focused on your subject.

2. Position Make sure your subject is comfortable with the position. Discuss the different poses beforehand, it can include shots like aerial, sides, and even candid.

3. Lighting Your subject is the hero here, so a hint of natural lighting is best, direct lighting can cause shadows and show unnatural skin colour, one of the top portrait photography tips is to carry your light source.

4. ISO setting Keep your ISO low if you want lower light in your frame and high iso if you want a brighter image.

5. Fill the frame and communicate A close-up shot creates instant impact not given the viewer a chance to get distracted. Let their eyes and expression communicate with the viewer.

Now that you are equipped with some of the tips for shooting portrait and landscape photography go on and try your hand at some of these points. If you are not a part of any community and would like to get to learn more such tips, you can join the Lumix community here:


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