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What is macro photography & Tips for macro photography


The small world of miniatures or living creatures is so amazing when you look at them through the lens of your camera, the whole world appears different. Capturing such objects or subjects requires a good lens and keen eyes to make good use of the environmental conditions and getting every detail that a naked eye misses out on very often. This is the beautiful definition to answer when someone asks what is macro photography?

When you listen to the sound of nature, there are different voices that echo around. Such sounds are from the macro world calling you out to see them through your lens and capture their existence with your creativity. Such a level of creativity exists when you practice macro photography tips on a daily basis. There are no shortcuts when it comes to mastering anything no matter how easy the task is unless you make efforts for it.

Another best way you must have learned more about macro photography is by watching a photography tutorial. Many photographers have felt this route as the simplest of all because all you have to do is attend the session with visual explanation is done side by side by experts which is crisp and to the point that makes it easier for you to understand things especially when it is technical.

There are many photography workshops in India, but the right way to learn things is when you practice solely. The problem is you always look for easier routes such as photography tips and tricks, workshops, tutorials that sometimes having so many options can be very confusing and misleading creating more and more confusion. The solution here is to stop looking at many options and try resolving the problem from one end first.

To start, here are some of the best photography tips and tricks you should consider while practicing macro photography:

1) Choose the right macro lenses

The first thing you need is to pick the right set of macro lenses that are perfect to shoot macro shots perfectly because the right way to capture the right details of macro shots is when you have the right lens that gives you more scope to get creative. The best options are 50mm, 30mm, 105mm, 180mm.

Credits: Lumix


2) Start with simple subject then to complex

Credits: Niladri SSV Bhattar


You don’t need to attend a photography tutorial to understand that the right way to shoot better macro shots is to start capturing easier subjects which are Inanimate objects. Once you start mastering these then challenge yourself with live subjects such as insect or a bug. To help you with this, try using a longer focal length lens so that live subjects don’t run away when you get them in the frame. Starting with an easier target will give you the confidence to capture live subjects better because you develop a sense of trust in yourself to see the creative aspect than output quality.

3) Balancing depth of field and sharpness

Credits: Siddani Pannaga Chandra Sekhar


In many macro photography tips, you might have read that aperture plays a key role because it creates a depth of field sharp or blurs considering whether you use low or high aperture. Balancing this trick is now easier thanks to the new mirrorless camera edition like our camera series having features like focus stacking which is an inbuilt feature that takes care of balancing depth of field and sharpness without tampering or hampering the composition quality.

4) Use environment elements

Credits: Robert Beasley


In many photography workshops in India, this trick is highly suggested where you have to utilize the environment settings to your best advantage and capture the subject in a natural format. This can be done in three ways, first, understand the light and use it wisely considering artificial or natural one, second is to plan your focus angle because every angle in macro gives you a different perspective that changes your game photography.

Sometimes you might feel what is macro photography? Why is it so tough though the genre subject is easier? You might consider it as challenging like getting a thread through a narrow needle hole but the only solution here is patience. Being patient is all you need to capture macro moments betters. Try different settings, experiment, and leave everything to your camera to help what you want. When you don’t forget to tag our social channels to get featured.

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