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Why gifting a camera is gifting a passion?


There are gifts and then there are gifts. In today’s social construct gifting has become ubiquitous with the celebration of any occasion. In India, especially during Diwali, decency dictates gifting to one and all. This massive obligation essentially means that the thought put into each gift is essentially non-existent. Invariably this means that your loved ones are often short-changed as the mere process of selecting each gift is exhausting. And usually your loved ones don’t even mind it. But deep down you feel bad that your gift couldn’t truly communicate what you felt. What feels worse is when such a gift does the customary rounds of re-gifting and ends up as someone’s gift to you. This leaves you with a mixture of emotions that range from bemusement to disappointment. But what if we tell you there is a gift you can give that lets you settle this conundrum once and for all.

A gift that opens up possibilities. We are of course talking about a camera! In today’s fast paced world, a camera is that rare oasis that allows you to capture a moment for eternity. It allows for an escape into one’s passion. It enables one to live out their dreams. It empowers one to give full expression to one’s desire. The #GiftOfPassion initiative by Lumix cameras, shows but a few scenarios of how a camera enabled not just the person who received the camera to live out their dream of photography, but also led to the realization of many other people’s dreams.

Gifting passion is the equivalent of gifting someone the drive to break through the limitations that society sets. So this Diwali, take the social obligation of gifting and use it to enable someone to rise above that very society’s own narrow mindedness.

See how Panasonic Lumix celebrated Diwali this year:


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