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The words development, innovation, transformation defines that with time everything changes, no matter whether it is the season, year, people, thoughts, or technology. With this, what do you infer? That change is inevitable, and you have to move along with time to sustain in a world that is full of competition. Everyone wants to stay ahead of others.

In the photography industry, this competition is on fire every time because with the change in technology, new techniques, tricks, skills are developed which you need to adapt to stay distinct and showcase your talents gracefully.

For this, many of you must have thought to apply for photography schools or photography workshops near your areas or online. There are plenty of ways to learn.

These uncertain times have taught us that learning and exploring photography is not only about going out attending schools, workshops, or shooting in the outskirts but while staying indoors you can learn, develop much better, and excel in the field you want to master.

Many famous photographers have suggested that a photography tutorial is the best practice of self-development. There is no better learning than self-learning. Today, more than 1000 videos are talking about various aspects of photography. Be it the basics to the advance techniques. The online lot is a full spectrum of multiple dimensions the more you think you have learned enough there will be more to discover.

If you have gone through some of the important tutorials of some of the famous photographers in India you will find one thing in common is that they all started with self-exploration. This is the 21st century where everything is possible, what you dream can be accomplished by searching online and viola you get all the details.

The trend of watching photography tutorials have become a common practice of every shutterbug in these past 6 months. Many of you must have taken this opportunity to sharpen to skills, learn something new, using such platforms to test your skills, and many more. Those of you who haven’t tried this platform, you can do now. But you must be wondering why now? Why only watching online can help you to express better in photography.

Well, here are the following reasons that prove why a photography tutorial is important for you especially in these uncertain times:

1. Convenience Today, hard-working has a new definition in this digital world that is hardworking with smartness. Why struggle? Or push yourself when you get all the information and knowledge at the convenience of our home. You just need online access via mobile or on any digital devices and attend any tutorial at any time, place, and if you think while watching the video you were not clear about some facts you can watch it again. This level of convenience cannot be experienced when you attend photography workshops.

2. Industry Updates, Techniques, Knowledge building You might have figured out this thing a lot especially in these past few months that watching tutorials online is the fastest, easiest way to get an instant update about the photography industry, plus get a lot of interesting videos that engage you to watch from session to another. It’s just like binge-watching seasons after seasons of a show but unlikely the shows, the episodes of these tutorials are never-ending. You will not get bored any day.

3. Expert tutorials are just like hitting a jackpot There are many famous photographers in India, there must be someone whom you admire and see them as a role model while working in your respective field. Watching online tutorials of such personalities is like hitting a jackpot because to become like someone you have to follow their footsteps, learn from their mistakes, and make it your learning. It’s just like becoming their shadows.

4. Exploring photography for everyone Online tutorials are not just for beginners but also for every professional. These videos come with such interesting insights, details that you won't resist watching one.

There is research conducted by many psychological experts who say that anything which is watched in the form of visual references tends to be remembered for long and understanding things becomes a lot easier. The online photography tutorial is the best way to explore this. If you haven’t started watching online tutorials, the time is now. Start away and give your passion the wings to explore the world of photography better.

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